Thursday, May 3, 2018

For a second time, I saw Captain SpaceTime perform at The Crack Fox.

This guy is really named Nick Buttons (or maybe that is a second stage name) and is also one fifth of a band called Turbo Club.


This was the first of the First Wednesdays. That in turn is the reboot of the open mic night tradition at Crack Fox which will now take place every first Wednesday of every month I guess. I technically saw Captain SpaceTime on Thursday, today, and not Wednesday as it was after midnight.


Just as St. Louis has a lot of once beautiful red brick buildings that have turned brown over the course of a hundred years of time as I elude to here, it also has a lot of seating in venues made from what once were church pews. You see the pews a lot in restaurants and bars downtown. I don't know the backstory. It is almost as if there had nonsensically been a surplus of churches and the leftovers had to go somewhere. I guess America is growing more secular, eh? I don't think I can explain the pew phenomenon with that societal trend however. When I saw Dee Dee Watson get married and become Delores Ann Gonzales on 420 or 4:20 or 4/20 (Four Twenty) two years ago it was in some funny little church that now sat on some private property rented for the venue. The tiny chapel had not had a congregation in a long time and at some point an abandoned building became swallowed up as part of a resort of sorts to get married at. Whatever. I was sitting on this particular pew when I started the two video clips seen above.


Addendum 5/4/2018: Honestly his name might be Nick Button instead of Nick Buttons. I looked at the Facebook page and now I'm not sure. The MC (master of ceremonies) said Buttons last night.

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