Monday, May 7, 2018


In 3D Studio MAX back around the turn of the millennium this term as a setting denoted how far light would emulate from a light before decaying and eventually leaving mere blackness out at the horizon line. I thought of this overnight. I remembered John Drury at DECA, Inc. yelling at me when I couldn't figure this out one day. Good times! I wonder what happened to Dotty Talmadge and Heather Sledge. I think Heather Sledge is now a Heather McCusker. She always said that she'd keep the name Sledge if she got married because it was so awesome. I guess she couldn't see the future. I guess Robert Messer and David Black had a falling out and aren't friends anymore. I get the impression that Sabrina Winchell just went back to being Sabrina Garcia and living with her family in San Antonio. I wonder if Bob Sloan (formerly of Well-Flow) is still trying to dodge people trying to collect from him. What became of Doctor Heidi Drury? What became of Alex Drury? Did she ever rebel against her dad? Mark Lange, my T.S.T.C. cellmate, you just disappeared. Where did you go? Xref is a way in AutoCAD to include a blueprint inside of another blueprint. This came up at work with John Drury too. He thought it was a 3D Studio Max thing. Autodesk made both tools.

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