Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Paymetric was alright.

I worked there for two and a half years and it was basically a great place to work all the way up to the bad ending. Naturally, the bad ending ruins a lot of the good memories. Whenever I think of Paymetric (every day) it's like I am taking a sip from a glass of milk and then wondering if I've let the milk sit out too long.


This is from a Cinco de Mayo of 2014 event which was also to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of Paymetric even though that anniversary happened over half a year earlier. From left to right are James Osborn, Eric Carpenter, Bridget Richards, Sabrina Mahmood-Fulzele, Rick Cymbalist, Jamie Blaser, and Travis Barrs.


This is also from the same outing at a Mexican restaurant called Gloria's on Austin's 6th Street. The faces from left to right are those of Albert Muniz, Ian Flanagan, Dip Manandhar, and Michael Dozier. Chris Brown has his back to us at far right.


Just two days later there was another outing. This one was a happy hour in celebration of Eric Carpenter (left) getting married, but the day was also the birthday of Dustin McCoy (right).


The festivities for the Eric-gets-married thing were at a bar called Rattle Inn. From left to right are Helen Ledbetter, J.D. Gonzales, Joey Fadem, Steve Dinan, Dustin McCoy, Eric Carpenter, and Joey Robinson.


Steve Dinan is pictured here. Again, this at the same event as the last two pictures.


This photo was taken a week after the last set of photos and nine days after the first set of photos. We had a team builder outing to Topgolf which is a driving range. Munnawar Hussain is pictured.


This is also at the Topgolf event. From left to right are Eric Carpenter, David Nguyen, and Rachel Chesmore. This was taken the day after Eric got married. Rachel and David were visiting from Houston and Munnawar was visiting from Atlanta.


David Nguyen is closest to the camera in this picture. Munnawar Hussain is second farthest away and J.D. Gonzales is the third farthest away. This is also at Topgolf. That group of three guys in the back are, from left to right, Albert Muniz, Dustin McCoy, and Geary Voots.


The second to last photo I will offer comes two days after the last set of photos, nine days after the set of photos before that, and eleven days after the very first set of photos. Joey Robinson (left), J.D. Gonzales (right), Ian Flanagan (black shirt), and I went to la BARBECUE over lunch.


Alright, I know this picture is a landscape instead of a portrait like the others, but that is fitting because it is different in other ways too. The first nine pictures were taken during the beginning of my time at Paymetric, but this one comes near the end. This photo was taken at a lunch outing at a Chi'Lantro for Rick Cymbalist's thirty-ninth birthday eight hundred twenty-two days after the first two photos, eight hundred twenty days after the third, fourth, and fifth photos, eight hundred thirteen days after the sixth, seventh, and eighth photos, and eight hundred eleven days after the photo immediately above. If you can figure out when that is, you'll know Rick's birthday! Remember that leap years have three hundred sixty-six days in them in doing the math. Going around the table clockwise from where I am sitting are Rick Cymbalist, Nick Powell, Sabrina Mahmood-Fulzele, Manogna Velagapudi, Dakotah Hicock, Deepika Nim, Bridget Richards, and J.D. Gonzales. I miss you fools. It was also good to work with Yelena Green, Kristen Teter, Angela Garza, Asif Ramji, Adrienne Rogers, Vlad Karpov, Graeme Jones, Clayton Walter, Tom Craig, Angela Holcomb, Rie Irish, Eric Bushman, Scott Braunhardt, David Streeter, Sergio Valdez, John Reese, Lauren Allen, Rohan Nigam, Jimmy Cox, Parisse "PJ" Spelios, Sudha Dabbir, Max Belousov, Bill Wied, Jeff Burkett, Lisa Gschwind, Taofeek Lawal, Brian Nguyen, and Mike Rivers. I'm kinda sorry I never got to work with Robert Newell after all of the stories I heard. Hey, I bet they are telling some stories about me back at Paymetric!

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