Friday, May 4, 2018

I'm enjoying my immediate circumstance in the immediacy.

You know, the times I've been ready to put a gun to my head have always really had more to do with my professional shortcomings more so than anything else of secondary concern in life like my failed marriage or any of the other optional endeavors you might think of. I have to work a job though and even as my late-to-the-game talent is marginal and mediocre, I seem to be upwardly mobile and doing better and better. There sure have been a lot of painful experiences along the way. Clearly I am a fighter as I keep coming back for more and more. I guess I need it. It is a relief that my move to St. Louis landed me on a team that has an extremely high level of camaraderie, more so than any of the others that I have been a part of. The photo here is from today's lunch outing and the lunch outing yesterday to Corner 17 (6623 Delmar Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63130) unearthed the best Chinese food I have yet had. Yay! Now everything could just fall apart. I could screw something up and all the good memories could turn into anger when it all ends badly. For the moment though, I am pretty happy.

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