Thursday, May 17, 2018


A pitfall of DRAM (dynamic RAM) is row hammer (or rowhammer) which may be used to screw up slots of memory and have that effect bleed into other places and problems as suggested here. Wikipedia says: "The LPDDR4 mobile memory standard published by JEDEC includes optional hardware support for the so-called target row refresh (TRR) that prevents the row hammer effect without negatively impacting performance or power consumption." and "Mobile DDR (also known as mDDR, Low Power DDR, LPDDR, or LP-DDR) is a type of double data rate synchronous DRAM for mobile computers." and "The JEDEC Solid State Technology Association is an independent semiconductor engineering trade organization and standardization body." where JEDEC stands for Joint Electron Device Engineering Council. JEDEC is a joint collaboration between EIA (Electronic Industries Alliance, formerly RMA or Radio Manufacturers Association) and NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association). Anyhow, Nethammer is nonetheless a way to hammer rows via network requests.

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