Saturday, February 3, 2018

I've just used Uber for the first time.

No one raped me. I guess it was a good experience. I have been putting off trying this but I had such a terrible experience the last time I dabbled with Yellow Cab back in Texas that it was time to get off the old way of doing things. The "Service Engine Soon" light keeps coming on on my car and I've made a few trips to National Tire & Battery in Houston (and now in St. Louis) to troubleshoot the problem and that means I need some rides back home here and there in cars that are no my own. One of the last times I used Yellow Cab the driver confessed that Uber has hurt their business so severely that they have had to fire all the dispatchers and replace them with a call center in Columbia. In my last attempt to use Yellow Cab:

  1. The cabbie didn't show up.
  2. I called Yellow Cab and they made up some horseshit about how they had to cancel the call because they didn't have my destination address.
  3. I begged a coworker to give me a ride. He obliged.
  4. I eventually got a call from the cabbie who showed up anyway.

Ugh! Columbia should just stick to what it does best, coffee and cocaine. This is what happens when you never embrace the new hotness after the new hotness has clearly proven itself. (Don't leap without looking, but do leap sometimes.) If you just keep using your telegraph and it breaks one day it's gonna be really had to find parts. WalMart isn't going to have the thing you put your finger in to tap out Morse code.

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