Friday, June 1, 2018

some notes on working with remote branches via git command line commands

I haven't tested any of this yet, but I think this pulls from the remote repository to a local handle named yournamehere.

git remote add yournamehere ssh://


I think this does the same thing only the name will be "origin" instead of yournamehere.

git clone ssh://


This will list the local grabs of remote repositories.

git remote –v


This refreshes yournamehere pulling in changes that have happened out in the world since you took a snapshot.

git fetch yournamehere


This makes a local branch from a branch at yournamehere.

git checkout -b feta yournamehere/feta


At your local branch (made from a branch of a remote repository) you can rebase from "master" so to speak with this command, I think.

git pull --rebase

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