Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Your system is running low on resources. You cannot log on as a new user. Please use an account that has already been logged on.

This Windows 7 message rears its head when Windows 7 blocks you from logging in when your PC hasn't been shut down properly. I set the stage for this at day's end yesterday by just closing my laptop without powering it down and then in the morning I was having some trouble when I attempted to log in. Of course this error has nothing to do with the account you are using being newish. That is all misleading. To get around this stupidity, just manually power down and then manually power back up again. It was connected to the dock when I restarted and that may have helped. I don't know if being disconnected from the docking station could be a factor but it seems like it could be as the complaint being vocalized more or less has to do with battery life.

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