Sunday, April 29, 2018

Rolla, Missouri

I drove through Rolla today on an uneventful road trip to the Lake of the Ozarks State Park (It's not all that.) and it made me think of 4 Guys From which as a blog which tells you how to do stuff like save emails sent from C# off to a directory as .eml files as suggested here. Hmmmm. Seems to be a link to a different blog, eh? (It looks like on a SmtpClient you can set a PickupDirectoryLocation to do the file saving.) I don't think there is any new 4 guys content. Maybe the site now just links off to other stuff in its dying state. Anyways, as this explains, Scott Mitchell was one of the four guys when he was at the University of Missouri at Rolla and he coaxed three others into forming The Beatles with him and two of the four didn't stick around for long at all, just long enough for the name to stick, and... anyhow the rest is history. I always assumed Rolla was somewhere in California but it turns out it is in Missouri. It's not very interesting. The photo here is from randomly inside of a Stake 'n Shake there where I bought a chocolate shake.

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