Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Get out of using any to fish out in a (change) event in an Angular 4 application.

If you have a control like so:

<input type="text" (change)="updateField($event)" />


You are probably used to doing this:

whatsInTheBox(event: any) {
   const content =;


But, you could do this instead:

whatsInTheBox(event: Event) {
   const control = <HTMLInputElement>;
   const content = control.value;


Note that you cannot dot dot dot out to with an Event. You have to cast HTMLInputElement, also, this seemed to work when tabbing away with a KeyboardEvent which is one of many events that implements Event per this but I wondered if when I clicked away instead of tabbing away if I should be using MouseEvent. It seemed to work, the mousing elsewhere with KeyboardEvent, but I wonder if that is just because type safety is all a placebo in TypeScript. Anyhow, if both things inherit from Event why not just use Event if Event has .target hanging off it?

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