Tuesday, April 24, 2018

dotnet new angular

...as a command line command seems to set up one of the canned Visual Studio 2017 and .NET Core Angular projects. The downside of that is that it only sets up a .csproj file and not a .sln and bigger solution. You may be ahead to just set up a new Angular project through the GUI that comes from going to: File > New ... The canned project is intriguing. There is a ClientApp folder at the root of the project which has all of the Angular code and somehow gets looped in. I guess one of the controllers serves it up. Outside of the ClientApp folder however there are just the usual folders like "Controllers" and "Views" that you might expect. There is a wwwroot folder which will end up with a dist folder inside of it too where your TypeScript stuff compiles out to upon a build. The heartache of setting that up has already been care of for you. You don't have to think about task runners like Grunt and Gulp for as much. Chapter 1 of "ASP.NET Core 2 and Angular 5" by Valerio De Sanctis had me goofing off with this stuff this morning. Server-Side Rendering (SSR) for SEO is also baked in.

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