Wednesday, July 4, 2018

DEF CON rope line

After I attended this talk at DEF CON 23, I had had enough of Las Vegas and wanted only to go back to my hotel and take a nap deciding that I would have no more of DEF CON. Everyone who left the room ended up trapped in a giant crowd of people that seemed not to move just outside. Eventually one of the attendants for the event came by and yelled at us in frustration as we were all in the wrong place. We were waiting in the line to get into some other talk where the doors must have been closed instead of having been truly vomited into the vomitorium from which we could leave the auditorium. I pointed out that the line out of the other room led to where we were and this other, angry person said "Yeah, right" in retort prompting my "I'm not making it up." and then a "He's right." from another backing me up. I'm just realizing now, years later, that we had all been a victim of a prank. Some "hacker" just moved the rope lines around while the keynote talk was going on and we all became his victims. I wouldn't have written of it before, but now it deserves a nod.

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